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Over the past 28 years, we have produced and directed nearly 450 amazing graphics packages for nearly every major studio and network.

28 Years.  Design.  Effects.


wunderize  |ˈwəndərīz|


(beautifies, beautifying) [ clients projects. ] The process WunderFilm performs to improve the appearance of all productions.

You name it, we've done it.

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                  Many clients.  Many projects.

                  These days, design firms need to be approved by the studio and networks.  Rest assured, WunderFilm has worked with nearly every major studio, network and major production companies.  After 26 years, we have worked with a lot of people!

                  Everyday effects.  Done fast.  Done right.

                  WunderFilm specializes in the day to day effects of your production.  While in editing, upload your shot to us, we do it, upload it back.  Drop it in your edit.  Done.  Quick.  Cost effective.

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                  The main character of BET's Being Mary Jane had a bad car accident.  The show shoots all scenes from a season at once, so it is common to have scenes from an early episode shot on the same same day as a later episode.  Good for production costs, but bad for continuity.  During the first five episodes, Mary Jane's face had several versions of accident makeup - and at times, not that flattering.


                  WunderFilm's job was to match the makeup from scene to scene, from episode to episode.


                  And in case you were wondering, yes, she moves all over the place.  Painting faces is very difficult to do, but even harder when the actor is moving all around.

                  Here is another example of Mary Jane's face.  If you look at the before image of this one and Example 01, you will see the scar on her chin is totally different.


                  WunderFilm had to create a match as best as we could in a very tight production schedule.


                  To make the task more difficult, other takes in the sequence had varying versions of the makeup as well.

                  Honda was the sponsor for the new network that featured local based programming, called ACN; America's Community Network, produced by VIMBY.


                  WunderFilm was hired to design the complete network identity graphics package.


                  Therefore, it was also our job in creating a painted vehicle for  Honda, featuring our ACN graphics.

                  We are designers.  That is one of the best reasons to hire WunderFilm for your effects shots.


                  It is so common for editors to give us a shot with basic direction - and WunderFilm creates the graphics and overlays while compositing the scene together.  And of course, it is all animating.


                  After the shot is completed, we deliver the scene back to the editor for inserting into their offline edit - all prepared for the final online assembly.


                  And, we always provide textless versions of scenes for your international distribution.

                  This example is very typical of work that we do.


                  The client gave us some source shots, while asking us to make the rest of the scene filled with control room graphics for all of the monitors.


                  This client has a lot of shots like this.  We work with them on preparing monitors for compositing.


                  It's not always necessary to use tracking marks (+), but often it is crucial - so we provide assistance to help minimize effects costs.


                  At the same time, we instruct production on how to best shoot a scene in order to keep effects shots as affordable as possible.

                  This example shows why it's good to have designers doing your effects shots.


                  The source plate was provided, along with an insert photo.


                  The client asked if a sports news web page could be made.  We did it, composited it and sent it right back to the editor.


                  Quick and easy.

                  Any effects compositor knows that green screen shooting is an art form.  Every compositor has also received some less than ideal footage to work with.


                  This scene was from a music video shown within the show The Game.  It was one of the more challenging set of scenes that we have had to work on in awhile.  The green screen was meant as a monitor of football scenes.


                  But, did you notice the green grass in front of the green screen?  Some of the dancers were wearing green.  The overhead light blows out the green screen.  And did you see how the actors are partially in front of the green screen, while parts of their bodies are not?  Yes, challenging.  But, the final version looked quite sweet!

                  Let us do the work for you.

                  WunderFilm directs original shoots for out projects that have a permitting budget.  Otherwise, we digitally produce your graphics package - we are extremely proficient in most of the major post production software.

                  Design 360˚

                  This is our blog that will showcase work from WunderFilm, but also found design and knowledge.

                    We find it inspirational to look at all kinds of design.  Surround yourself in 360˚ of design and your life will thank you for it.

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                  Stories.  Stories.  Stories.

                  After 28 years of countless hours creating main titles, graphics packages and effects; you better believe we have some stories to tell.

                  "I'll Be There For You"... yes, you can blame us for that.

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